Kevin Tulley




Through a series of shoulder and back injuries, I began in desperation to study anatomy and manual therapies, hoping to get out of pain and back to the sports and activities that I love. Over time I achieved near miraculous success with my own injuries, and learned through the experience that healing is possible, and that much of traditional western medicine can be impressively ill equipped to address chronic pain and neuromuscular dysfunction. 

Over the next five years I studied and assisted friends and colleagues with their pain and injuries until I decided to pursue a professional education studying sports and clinical massage. I completed my CMT in 2014.

I thrive with an active lifestyle. I spent 10 years as a river guide, whitewater and sea kayak instructor, and have also enjoyed rock climbing, biking, and Crossfit. Physical activity is so important to me, and I am especially driven to help people get the care and education they need to stay active, healthy, and pain free.